Friday, March 04, 2005

Here's one description of the mythic, American cowboy: "...a man who sang for his own comfort in a harsh and lonely land. He was a man far from home and very removed from any of the refinements of civilization. Even the toughest cow waddie knew a yearning for some of the tenderer things to leaven the raw stuff of his life. His ballads he sang to keep himself company, to hearten his comrades, and to blow off steam. . . They were largely quiet songs, but fresh with the vitality of the new land with its rolling prairies and lonesome trails."


luckydevilgirlyshow said...
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luckydevilgirlyshow said...

Sandman, you really light up my life you know that? You make a girl want to leave this crazy mixed up city life and settle down with some cowpoke in the middle of the country...
do they allow tassel twirling on the range??
Laguna Gold

Chris Sand said...

Mythic, stoic cowboys are always accomodating to tassel twirlers such as yourself. Bring the whole crew!!

Anonymous said...

howdy sandy,
winona rider here...i was just in colorado (springs, that is) doing something stupid. and i heard there was a will rogers shrine/overlook there, so (after all sorts of navigating via old colorado city, the garden of the gods, and the friggin' incredible manitou springs) i headed that way. no map in hand, just a russian rental car...and i got as far as the broadmoor hotel (holy crap!) where i was informed that i'd have to go through a zoo (and pay) just to get up to that there shrine. well, zoos and paying suck, so i didn't. instead, i just drove around listening to an NPR station that went from A Prairie Home Companion to "Writers/Riders in the Sky" Radio Show that was featuring Waddy Mitchell, who i know you've "covered"...and into the Buck Howdy radio show (which is a cowboy/yodelling show for kids). and you know was all f'in fantastic. and i thought of you.
so, no postcard from Will Rogers this time...but a little Sandman memory time in my mindbank.
adios pard,
lonesome shorty