Thursday, May 06, 2004

Hello from Boston! Our pace has not slowed an iota... The show at Midway Cafe far exceeded my expectations. The place was packed with attentive young people who seemed to hang on every word. I sold lots of merch and made lots of new fans. What more can you ask? Afterwards Ivan and I drove to Nima and Amanda's and slept our hearts out, (after gorging on Nima's stash of delicious Iranian candies).

The show in Portland, Maine was a special one, too. Although I felt out of the "zone" performance-wise, a fair crowd showed up to the venue which is this beautiful, ancient structure on Congress Street. I saw the show as good practice for the bigger, folkier crowds which I'm aiming my vessel towards during the next year. The show was also notable in that I'd never been to Maine before. We stayed with my friend Doug out in the country.

The show before that in Vermont was amazing. I felt like I'd been transported back to 1952 and my name was Gary Snyder or Jack Kerouac. I don't have any more time to expound on the magical experience, unfortunately, but it's true that life is rich in the hidden hills near Middlebury. Wild turkeys, frogs, sheep with un-docked tails, anarchy, spilled wine, orgies (just kidding)... but you get the picture a little perhaps.

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