Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Gawd dannngnit-- there is so little time to communicate via the web! I could really use three hours a day on this thing rather than one hour every three days.

Ok, here's the news in brief:

We are in Charlottesville, Virginia tonight. Our show in D.C. went excellent due to my friend Nana. She flyered the town and then sent out three emailings to her many friends who then brought their friends. Again, like in Maine, I wasn't necessarily in my "zone" but the crowd liked the show anyway and I impressed the owner with my (Nana's, actually) drawing power. The band that played before us was called Michael McDermott and the bass player was one of the ex-Go Go's-- Belinda Carlisle, I think.

The Baltimore gig was good in spite of the low turnout. Lots of adventures there; don't know where to begin...

Philadelphia was strange. The house-party we were supposed to play at didn't happen because nobody was home! Fortunately my friends Jessica, James, Jan, and Michael arrived and saved the day by talking the owner of an anarchist bar across the street into letting us play. We didn't get paid but I sold a fair amount of merchandise and enjoyed myself. We stayed with Jessica and James and I got to hold their one-year-old, Aiden, who'd been born the day I arrived during last year's tour. He's beautiful. We awoke to a sunny Mother's Day...

Manhattan was marvelous on all accounts. The show at the Sidewalk Cafe rocked-- mostly because a bunch of musician friends from other cities randomly converged upon my midnight set which set me in a great mood. There was Karl Blau who happened to be on tour with Laura Veirs who had just played a few blocks down from the Sidewalk, Jonny Corndawg who had just finished a show in Brooklyn, Carmaig DeForest who was also on a mini-tour of the East-coast, Owen Money and Mariah who had driven down from Maine...

Ivan and I stayed with his friend Shara in Brooklyn that night and I awoke the next morning to a delicious french-toast breakfast she'd cooked. I then hopped a train back to Manhattan and met up with my friend Elizabeth whom I'd recently, officially, met at the Chicago show two weeks earlier and who had just flown into NYC that morning for the screening of a film she'd worked on. (She'd coincidentally seen me three years ago at another venue in Chicago when I'd toured with Andras!) Anyhow, she was with her friend Monica, and we drank smoothies and then I put on a mini-acapella-rap-show in the park for them. The elderly ladies feeding the birds seemed entertained by my presentation of "Persian Den of Sin" and "The Prophet". Too soon, too soon, I had to get back to Brooklyn to meet back up with Ivan.

The New Haven show two day's earlier was my least favorite of the tour. The venue was a yuppified coffee house next to Yale University sparsely filled with mostly bored looking people. We drove straight to Brooklyn after the show and stayed with Shoan One and his girlfriend.

Boston, the day before all that, was spectacular as I already mentioned.

I'm happy to be heading west again. I'd better go now and prepare for the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar show.

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