Monday, November 10, 2003

More job searching today.

Why is commitment so difficult? I don't want to end up like Peter Pan, the eternal boy-man. Heck, even Michael Jackson has been married and has kids. I love my freedom, though. Except it gets real lonely. Maybe I'm some sort of post-modern monk... Well, cowboys have a tradition of being lonely, too. I don't seem to trust women and I can't tell if they trust me. Eminem's song "Superman" has been jangling around in my head for many days now. I love Eminem. He's the first white guy since Bob Dylan to inspire me; not that I aspire to be the next Slim Shady 'cause I seriously don't and couldn't and wouldn't if I could 'cause he's an alien Nike-head. But Dylan and Mathers write the best anti-love songs I've ever heard.

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