Monday, March 03, 2003

I don't know what to prioritize in my brief windows of computer opportunity: update journal, update tour itinerary, or email for new shows? Well, since I only have a few minutes here I'll just say that I'm in Euguene at the U of O library. The last two shows have been small, and somewhat disappointing. No money to show for 'em, really. I did get a free salmon dinner at the Rabbit Hole in Portland and $15. In Seattle, at The Coffee Messiah, I sold 3 or 4 CDs and gave away a shirt. In other news, the Wax Fire are heading back to Olympia after the show tonight. No longer will I have Jen to play cello with me or to harmonize. C'est la tour.

Before I attempt to update my itinerary, I should make note of the Anacortes show at Department of Safety: It was amazing!! Two-hundred or so people turned out and listened with rapt attention. The Wax Fire were the perfect opening band, then I played for an hour. During my set a couple four-year-olds danced and vogued behind me on the big stage. My first nine songs were all requests! Then I spontaneously called up musicians from the crowd to start jamming with me. Karl Blau got on bass and Steve on Trombone and keyboard, Wesley played bongo and the two kids started smashing the hell out of the cymbals. It was very cacaphonous, yet inspired fun. I sold over $200 worth of merchandise and Department of Safety paid another $100 on top of that. After me came Laura Veirs and the Tortured Souls. They rocked the house to be sure-- I was honored to share the bill! Laura tears up the guitar and the band is the best around as far as I can tell. My friend's Paula, Chad, Simon and Dylan came down from Bellingham much to my delight. After the show I went to a donut shop with Laura, Tucker, Karl, Steve, and some others and drank coffee. Then Karl and I stayed up late into the evening talking about the Moon and sleep...

The next morning I had breakfast with Bret, Denise, Maddy, and Louisa Lunsford. They fed me farm fresh eggs and one from their duck! Lousia and I played Crazy 8's afterwards and Maddy showed me her impressive r & b CD collection. Then I drove to Seattle. Autumn brought some friends to the show as did the Jesus Chords. The next day I stopped in to Olympia to check my mail and repack before heading to Portland. I won't be returning for 3 months, but when I do it will be warm and beautiful again.

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