Sunday, January 19, 2003

Last night the two full-moon shows went well. The first one was the most fun because there were a lot of children-- we advertised that kids get in free. We had snacks and people had a great time. Elizabeth told stories and I played songs. Sometimes I'd play guitar while she talked and other times she'd sing along to my songs... actually the whole audience sang along. Playing my song about Martin Luther King was powerful-- especially being it's his birthday week and with the looming war, etc. The first verse goes: "Martin Luther King was a friend to the poor/ Martin Luther King was opposed to the war/ Martin Luther King was a king and so much more/ He was a patriot".

The second show was much different. It was for my friend Johnny's birthday. I played a lot more of my rockin' and hip hop sex songs. At both I sold shirts and CDs! I made about $90. Today I will work on the tour some more.

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