Saturday, April 09, 2016

Facts & Figures from Winter/Spring 2016 American Road Trip Tour

Yowza! I just drove 8,500 miles through 21 states in 40 days.

Here are some notes from the road for anyone interested in the nuts & bolts of touring on a shoestring budget:

My car averaged almost 30 miles per gallon. Thus, total expenditure on gas and two oil changes was kept to about $600. I averaged $1.92/gallon; received one $75 parking ticket in Hollywood; spent $350 on rear air-shocks in Urbana, IL; doled out $190 total for hotel rooms; and dropped $500 for food.

Over the course of 30 shows I earned about $6200, which equals $207 per show. Minus expenses, that's about $140 in my pocket per show, of which $75 came from merchandise sales.

The five biggest miracles of this tour:
Prepping for a Shreveport, LA, show.

1. These shows were organized with an average turnaround of 17 days from when I first contacted the house or venue to when I arrived. (Most bands try to give themselves at least a two-month head start.) This, of course, is a testament to the folks who welcomed me so openheartedly.

2. There were a LOT of colds and other illnesses going around, but I stayed healthy for the duration, in spite of relative lack of sleep.

3. My $1,000 Buick, "E-4," didn't break down. By tour's end the brake pads were gone, but they lasted until I was safely home.

4.  I made enough money to cover tour costs and pay down some CD production expenses. Factors that helped: a) low fuel prices, b) generous friends, c) a shiny new CD to peddle, d) and touring solo.

5. Last, but certainly not least, my parents took my shift of caring for Stevie while I was gone. What a relief and privilege to have strong familial support. I'm very grateful to them for this!

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