Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Oly adventure in bullet points:
  • May 2.  Flew from Brooklyn to Seattle to be reunited with Hana, Stevie, and Gilda.  I befriended the passenger seated next to me, a horse vet from Long Island named Nancy.  Nancy saved me the hassle and cost of wrangling a shuttle south to Olympia by driving me straight to Zena and Amy's doorstep in her rental car.  It was heaven to hold baby Stevie and Hana again.
  • May 3.  At Dub Narcotic Studios I recorded the final two tracks--"Queen Patricia" and "Typical"--for my upcoming album Horse Graveyard.  Ephraim Nagler played piano and Jen Grady added cello and voice to "Queen Patricia."  This song sounds gorgeous.  Ephraim and Jen are in this band: You Are Plural.
  • May 4.  Created track order for new record.  Mixed down all the songs with producer Bob Schwenkler
  • May 4, evening.  Performed an hour of music at my favorite Jewish Deli, Kitzel's, in trade for knishes, blintzes, latkes, and more good food.
  • May 5.  Took three-hour tour, with Andras Jones as guide, of the mystical Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia.
  • May 5, evening.  Joined Andras onstage at Olympia's historic Capitol Theater for a live episode of Radio8Ball.  This was part of the Oly Music Awards, and Andras ended up winning in the "Other/Experimental Music Category."  The five songs I sang may be viewed/listened to here starting at the 47:18 mark.
  • May 9.  Drove to Missoula with Froseph.  Hana will remain in Olympia for another ten days.
  • May 10.  Played show at Zoo City Apparel with my band, The Big MT (pronounced "empty").  Also on the bill were Breakaway, Butter, and Abe Coley.

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