Thursday, March 01, 2012

Music-related news from Sandland:

1. Tonight is the Boston (possibly world) premiere of the feature-length comedy PARTY LIKE IT'S A VERB.  Two of my songs are featured in it--"From Behind," and "Pillowcases."

2. Saturday night I will be performing some songs in Missoula in a shop called Zombie Tools.  Zombie Tools sells accessories for surviving an anticipated zombie apocalypse (serious).

3. March 11th I'll co-host The Grassroots Show on KBGA with Abe Coley.

4. April 24th I open up for The Hive Dwellers--at Zoo City Apparel here in Missoula.

5. April 26th I fly to Chicago for a show with Tony Rogers at The Hideout.

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Flying Mermaid said...

Man, what a life!