Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yesterday, as you may know, Hana and I finally chose an official name for our four-day old wunderkind, Stevie Kasm Sand.   We'd fancied this name for months, but wanted to see if her personality matched.  It does, we think!

Maestra Stevie Kasm Sand.
If I had to choose one adjective to describe Stevie, it would be "cool."  Cool as in far out.  Or maybe "wild," like wild at heart.  

She loves closeness and kisses.

She has very expressive arms and fingers that she waves about like a wrinkled conductress or wizardly ballerina.

She's beautiful.  She's cool.  She's wild.

She's our sweet little alien child.

Mmmmmmmmm . . .



jennifer combe said...

Why hello, cheeks!
Big love,

Faust Gertz said...

Congratulations. I love the hand gestures at this early age.

winsen said...

How very cool! Stevie — assuming by your description — and your exuberant love of her already. Hooooaaah from a couple of old women here in Englewood, Colorado who spent a little time with your mom once. We're thrilled for you and for Grandma.

Flying Mermaid said...

Absolutely delicious!