Sunday, August 28, 2011

This might be the richest summer of my life. Hana is five months pregnant. Our garden is producing king-sized beets, carrots, tomatoes, onions, and pumpkins. My trucking schedule has been heavy (off again to Toronto tonight). Hana and I had the first of two wedding receptions (next summer we'll have the second one in western Montana). I flew to Chicago and St. Louis to perform after theatrical screenings of Roll Out, Cowboy. (The ROC doc, in fact, has taken on a life of its own--in the last few months it has screened in France, Croatia, New York City, and Los Angeles, and next week it goes on a nine-city tour of Scotland!)

Things I DIDN'T get done:
1) Finish the new CD I started last December
2) Complete the new website I began two Decembers ago
3) Blog as much as I've wanted to


In the spirit of blogging regularly again, here's more . . .

Dr. Chainsaw has been my pal for the last three days--we've been clearing brush for the parents. I now have a poison ivy rash for the second time this summer.

Yesterday I took Grandma to the Dunn County Historical Museum's Annual Cream Can Supper. 'Twas a rockin', down-home affair with country music and tasty food.

BIG news: Hana moved to Missoula, MT, last week! She's setting up a nest there to have the baby. I'll continue trucking until around Thanksgiving and then join her. I grew up fifty miles north of Missoula, and my first two years of college were at UM-Missoula. So, in a way, moving to Missoula is like moving home.

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jsl said...

Sounds exciting! All the best to you both and the baby!!!