Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hana, Dad, Mom, and I made some raised garden beds out of old railroad ties yesterday. We'll be getting some sheep manure from a neighbors' ranch to mix into the soil, and then we'll plant tomatoes, beets, carrots, lettuce, squash, and whatnot.

Although our cabin on Killdeer Mountain is remote, it's beginning to feel like we're part of a robust community. We buy raw honey from one neighbor, raw milk from another, bison meat from a third, and free-range chicken eggs from a fourth. Our closest neighbors let us pick apples from their orchard in the fall. We are figuring out canning and drying methods as we go.

Soon the wild mushrooms will arrive, and then chokecherries and juneberries. I feel lucky to live so close to the land these days, and especially lucky to have someone to share it with.

I'm also happy to have a job that pays all my bills. Tomorrow night I drive to Toronto with a tanker full of "St. Peter's Fish," I'll then get one day off before heading to Beaver Fisheries in Toronto on Monday.


Lora said...

Do you know about creosote in rail road ties? Maybe you lined your garden beds with something to protect your from it? It seems pretty agreed upon by gardeners and the EPA that it is not a good idea for vegetable gardens or residential use. Don't want you and Hana to get sick.

Chris Sand said...

Hi Lora, yep we did line them with thick rubber. Thanks for looking out for us! Unfortunately, I just learned that the petroleum in the danged rubber might leech into the soil too.