Sunday, February 28, 2010

From Boston to Vineyard Haven to D.C. to Richmond to Philadelphia to Manhattan to Brooklyn and, this afternoon, back to Boston--without a tour vehicle. Our mission of making it to all of our east coast shows is accomplished.

Both the Philly house show--for my friend Troy's 40th birthday party--and the Brooklyn bar gig were successes, more or less.

Tomorrow Nima and I will search for a dependable and affordable station wagon, so that we can journey south.

Some days I feel like we're a couple of modern-day hobbits in search of a magic dragon turd.


Flying Mermaid said...

Unfortunate to be on the car hunt back east, where the winter salted roads destroy cars -- you'd have better luck out west!

Unknown said...

So glad I looked you up. I was hoping to see the mysterious musicians in action, but it seems that the east coast gigs are up. The blogs, however, have provided quite the ether experience.

-Olivia, from the Fung Wah bus