Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spent today driving around on an ATV and clearing trails on Killdeer Mountain. With all the noise I created using the chainsaw, I still managed to see much wildlife: turkeys, deer, songbirds, and a curious ermine that reminded me of a skinny cat. I also saw what looked to be a wolf's paw print in a gopher mound. No sign of mountain lion, but they're around. A hunter saw one on our property last week.

November has been beautiful. The temperature reached 63 today. October was miserably cold and wet.


Flying Mermaid said...

Ahh, I reckon that answers my snow question. We, too, had a cold, wet October and are having a crispy warm, dry November.

That's really an ermine? Wow.

Any plans for heading back this way any time?

Chris Sand said...

Emily Ermine,
I'll be back a-fore long. Probably March, but there's a slim chance January. I'll let you know.