Monday, August 24, 2009

Last night my parents invited my girlfriend and me to a Killdeer Mountain feast that included roasted chicken, bison, and wild juneberry pie with ice cream. Grandpa and Grandma also joined us, as did Father James from the Assumption Abbey in Richardton.

Gramps has recently been recovering from a bout of diverticulitis. Our conversation went something like this:

Grandpa: (enthusiastically) Do you know what diverticulitis is?

Me: No.

Grandpa: It's when your diverticulosis flares up.

Me: What's diverticulosis?

Grandpa: It's when the diverticula in your entrails bulge.

Me: What are diverticula?

Grandpa: That's when you have many, many diverticulum.

Me: What's a diverticulum?

Grandpa: It's one of my bulging diverticula. That's why my diverticulosis flared up.

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Flying Mermaid said...

Hehehhee! Not knowing Gramps, I can't tell if he was serious, or messin wicha?

You do know, really, though, right? Intestinal bulges that collect stuff -- doesn't run right through the smooth walls as it should but sits around and rots in the bulges, no bueno!