Friday, July 03, 2009

Today is almost over, which is good, 'cause today was gnarly.

My fully packed warrior-Subaru "Pearl Drop" could not take me the 700 miles across Montana to celebrate Independence Day with my Herak/Sullivan relatives. In fact, she barely made it the 45 miles to Dickinson to visit a mechanic. After a six-hour wait, she was diagnosed as "not worth saving." I will sadly have to skip the Montana family reunion and begin my search for a new vehicle.

At least it happened close to home and not somewhere near Terry or Rosebud.

Dad was my hero today, a common occurrence. This time he spent 10 hours chauffeuring me to car lots to look for something decent for under $1500, but no luck.

On the bright side, juneberries on the Mountain are getting fat and ripe. After 10 years of poor crops, this year looks like a winner.


Anonymous said...

Brighter days ahead my friend! Oregon is waiting for you!! Safe travels - "Spud"

Charlene said...

Sorry to hear about the demise of your car...hope you find a good one to replace it!