Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yesterday's outdoor wedding ceremony was a big success! All our practices paid off, and the weather was perfect.

Many people cried during Autumn and Brian's vows, including the bride and groom. My eyes got watery, too. There were many moments of laughter, as well. We made up a balloon ceremony where we asked a four-year-old girl named Cyanne to release two star-shaped balloons, representing Autumn and Brian, into the sky. The balloons chased each other through a couple of large fir trees, lingering at times under branches. Finally both cleared all obstructions and floated high and away. It was fun to watch.

Autumn's parents were fantastic hosts, and their reception meal was awesome.

I'll search for pics of the bride and groom to post.

The show at Jules Maes Saloon, in Seattle, went well, too. It's the oldest bar in Seattle, built in 1888.

Speaking of 888--that date will soon be upon us.

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