Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dunn County finally received some moisture yesterday. We're still much too dry this year, though; cattle need grass. Calving season is in full swing.

I went to church with Grandpa this morning. Grandma's leg is injured, and she couldn't go. The Killdeer Lutherans voted to hire a new minister. They've been nine months without.

Tonight Gramps made kumla, a traditional Norwegian dish. See Not everyone likes it, but I do. After supper Grandma beat Grandpa and me at pinochle. Again.

Uncle Ken called to say that today my niece Liljana, age 4, climbed up on a fence and hopped bareback onto a gelding. The horse took off across the pasture. Lily got ejected hard and landed in mud. Ken reports that she's fine, except for injured pride.

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Anonymous said...

why is everyone you know injuring themselves!!! filmmakers included. arghghgh I wonder what mooncat would say about all of this?

lady L