Monday, January 14, 2008

Off to Vancouver, B.C., in a few hours. Shawn's been driving all weekend, so he'll need a rest. I never get tired of seeing the sun rise over the Dakota badlands or the moon float over the Montana Rockies.

On a somber note, two of my best lady friends, Lacy (Shawn's girlfriend) and Natalie (my girlfriend-if-I-lived-in-Olympia), both lost their beloved grandmothers last week. I attended Lacy's grandma's funeral on Saturday. Her name was Martha Dahl Fischer. Shawn says Martha was a "sweet, gentle woman who made the best cookies and lemonade." According to Lacy, "Grandma got kinda feisty in old age, after Grandpa Dutch died." Maybe that's where Lacy gets it!

The glamorous picture to the left is of Natalie's grandmother, Joy, holding one of her children sometime in the early '50s. Natalie says that Joy "kept her sexy legs her whole 79 years."

Rest in peace, Mrs. Fischer and Grandma Joy.


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you, dear friend! A few days after you left I learned something and thought of you immediately: Hobo is a shortening of "Homeward Bound"! That is so beautiful to me.

Anonymous said...

if you lived in olympia huh?

Anonymous said...

I think maybe that is where I get it from!! Thanks for being you and such a great friend to Shawn and I!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Lacy, sorry to hear about your grandma I love feisty ladies the world doesn't have enough of them. Elle