Saturday, July 14, 2007

While working to get the old Dodge pickup started today, Dad ignited. He was pouring gas out of a plastic bottle into the carburetor when a flame jumped up and lit the bottle on fire. Intent on trying to put out the fire without throwing the bottle on the ground and starting a prairie fire, he didn't notice that flames had jumped onto the back of his clothes. When he felt and smelled the flames burning his backside, he did throw the bottle down, which did start the grass on fire. Soon, though, both fires were subdued. Dad came out singed but unharmed.


Anonymous said...

I am glad your father is okay. Did you ever get the truck started?

Mama Mac said...

Praise the Lord your father is OK! Isn't it amazing the silly things we to do to protect someone or something else and put ourselves in harms way. I am glad it worked out OK and catastrophe was avoided. Good thing the grass was cut :-). Good luck at the next attempt to start the pickup!