Friday, May 11, 2007

It used to be North Dakota didn't have many trees, so when the homesteaders came along about 100 years ago they tried to plant as many as they could. During the dust bowl era trees were about the only thing holding the soil in place. Currently many countries in Africa are dealing with a similar crisis and desperately need trees.

If you're looking for an interesting last-minute Mother's Day gift, look here. A $30 donation will pay for the costs of planting a tree in South Africa. That's what I just did in honor of my mom and my two grandmas. (But don't mention it to them until Sunday.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Son. I love this gift!

Sarah said...

Hey Cowboy!
I´ve been reading along. I totally agree, I planted some Mangroves down in Ecuador last week. They are important because they provide an ecosystem for the birds and crabs. Many of the mangroves have been plowed down over the past 10 years because of privite Shrimp farms, replacing the trees with pools to harvest shrimp :( It was hard to walk in the muddy groves-the sand was like quicksand. I had to take off my boots to walk more easily, the mud came up to my mid thigh! Take it easy...