Friday, April 13, 2007

I made the front page of the Dunn County Herald today. If anyone wants a copy, send $1.25.

My address:
Chris Sand
PO Box 7
Dunn Center, ND 58626

It's a good, long article written by the editor, Billy Drown. Billy's my new drinking buddy, even though we have yet to make it to the Ilo Bar in Dunn Center, and even though I don't drink more than a beer or two a week. It's the idea that counts.

After tomorrow's show in Dickinson, I'm going to Sadie's for a drink. "Sadie's," by the way, is synonymous with the Ilo Bar, 'cause she's the owner. I don't go there often, and I feel bad about it. The reason I don't go often is that everyone's so damn generous in Dunn Center that I tend to drink more alcohol than I can enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time to me :-)
Good luck tonight and have fun. I really enjoyed the article in the DCH.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are well. Spokane misses your smiling too.