Friday, September 22, 2006

Here are three of my closest Killdeer friends: (l to r) Me, Margi, Lacy, Shawn. On Sunday night we, and others, will party at Shawn's tractor-trailer garage.

Margi is not my girlfriend (romantically speaking), though it might look like it. Elle is my girlfriend. You will meet her soon. It's a long story . . .


Anonymous said...

Elle? Do tell!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming Sunday night!! I had a blast. Nice to meet you Elle!!!! Talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

You know, I was wondering where Elle was! I had no idea she was painting bathtubs red. She is a girl of many talents... She's wicked with an ax. Have her chop ya up some firewood while she's there. :-)

Hugs to you both!

love, Cousin Linda in Sweden.

Anonymous said...


Jenny wants a pillowcase. ;-)

Anonymous said...

elle is the raddest woman in southeast
minne-snow-ta. obviously y', when was the last time you ever heard chris refer to anyone as 'girlfriend'?
that's what i'm talkin' bout!