Monday, July 10, 2006

Last night Dad and I saddled up Dude and Psycho and went for a moonlight ride along the south ridge of the Killdeer Mountains. The almost-full moon lit our way. At the uppermost beaver dams, fireflies sparked along the muddy shores.

I slept over. This morning I glimpsed a wild turkey with a brood of nine.

Later, en route to Dickinson for a chiropractic adjustment, Excalibur's right rear tire blew out. I, shamefully, had no jack. A young fellow from a nearby farm lent me his, and I was soon on my way. Then I got a call from a Bismarck Tribune journalist whom I'd accidentally stood up--I was supposed to have met him at the Museum in Dunn Center. He was able to meet me in Dickinson, so the interview transpired over lunch at the Paragon Bowl.

Now I'm wishing I had another day off to finish all my projects.


Anonymous said...

is this the paragon bowl/cafe where the greyhound stops?
where the nashville superstars serenade sandman?

brandon (the bday boy) from waconia and tyler, froseph, and the crew watched the full moon come up over kitty ridge last night.

is this a "comment"?

Chris Sand said...

si, el mismo paragon cafe.

happy b-day to b-roc, and hi to the kitty ridge crew.

Anonymous said...

say mike c says, "that's what tomorrow's for."