Monday, June 05, 2006

5 bad band names that I thought up on the way home from work today:

1. Dr. Longhorn and the Manitoba Pronghorn
2. Mount Rashmore
3. Iranium
4. Orwell's Doorbell
5. Bird Flute

You may vote for your favorite.


Anonymous said...

1 vote for Bird Flute. "Hi, uh.... we're Bird Flute... we've got CDs and t-shirts for sale..." It works.

Brandon said...

Dad and I are making our way out to Maah Daah Hey Trail tommorow.
(june 7th) hopefully see you soon!
I will probably do alot of hiking and exploring and maybe a bit of biking.


annieG said...

I would vote but my favorite got turned into Iranium, which is good...but the wife-beater one... SOLID GOLD!

AnnieG said...

"We would have t-shirts and c.d.s but the court fines and domestic violence classes are really cost prohibitive... but, uh thanks for having us back"
That's what the wifebeater's bass player would say.

AnnieG said...

The link was really informative and chock full o' trivia! Gracias el Guapo!! How many more comments can I leave?

tiffany said...

Yeah, why say harsh words, there's already enough floating around. Good call on cutting it. What's your favorite word, Sandman?

Sandman said...

My favorite word is . . . Tiffany Tigerlilly.

Sandman said...

Iranium was previously: "T-Shirt Guy & the Wifebeaters," but that last word just seemed too harsh to look at every day so I changed it.