Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rural Devolopment will likely give me a $15,000 loan (at 1% interest) to fix up my house. I'll only have to pay $68.90 a month for 20 years. Odds are I'll pay it off sooner if Kanye West produces my next CD.

As for the auditorium, there's not much they can do for me there. I'm going to have to get a personal loan. If anybody wants to be my business partner, let me know.

I received a letter today from Mona, my friend in Harlem. Here's a quote from it: I had a dream . . . (where my friend and I) were on a road trip & we stopped in Dunn Center to say "Hi" to you & you had an office set up in a big field & were editing a new music video of yours on a computer. The really psychedelic thing was that you were also doing Photoshop right on the wheat & corn growing around to get it ready to shoot a new song.

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Anonymous said...

that is a great dream. i think you should consider adopting it as part of your personal vision.