Friday, June 03, 2005

I posted this in the Dunn County Historical Society newsletter today:


My name is Christopher Sand and I’m the brand new rookie Curator at Dunn County Museum. My grandparents are Bob and Edna Sand. My parents are Rob and Mary Sand. I work up to 40 hours per week here along with Jeri Patchen. I’m extremely honored to work for, and with, you all in preserving Dunn County history.

Our first five weeks have been dynamic. In May we had over 150 visitors. We’ve been doing a lot of “house cleaning,” too, which includes changing exhibits around, organizing files, and the dusting/sweeping/mopping/ & scrubbing of all six buildings. We’ve also been cooperating with various tourism agencies across the state, as well as with local media outlets, to help spread the word about this wonderful museum.

For summer we plan to have five major museum events:

June 25th- Kids Day! Games, prizes, and snacks will be provided. This is our attempt to share our learning space with youngsters (and draw their parents and grandparents out, too).

July 4th- Dunn County Museum Parade float!

July 24th- Christmas in July! Lights, trees, food, music and even Santa Claus.

Aug 27th- Cream Can Dinner! Yummm. Eat to your heart’s content. Live musical entertainment.

Sept. 24th- Chili Feed/Cowboy Poetry Gathering! The West lives on… Maybe we’ll even haul out the chuckwagon for the heck of it. For dessert--S’mores!

Please come out to one or all of these events and say hi to Jeri and me. See ya then.

-Christopher Sand


Anonymous said...

What is a cream can dinner? Which of these events are traditional museum events and how many did you inititate? Does the museum have space to camp if one was to show up for one of these events from afar?

Chris Sand said...

I don't think any of these events are traditional museum events, except for maybe the 4th of July float. Last year's summer event was a quilt exposition. I've been picking people's brains as to possible new event ideas and these were a few of them. So there's no telling what to expect. My goal is to have a big event each month which will get lots of press and hopefully make the museum more of a community space.

A cream can dinner is where you take cream cans, fill each one w/ corn, potatoes, sausage, and a couple other things and somehow cook them together. I've yet to try one. Stay tuned...

The museum has plenty of lawn space, but they might not be cool w/ campers. However, there's plenty of other places to camp nearby. You should definitely come!

Anonymous said...

But I still don't understand what is a cream can. Help. I mean, I guess it must be a can for cream, but I don't really understand it.

Anonymous said...

Chris Sand said...

Cream cans are 5 or 10 gallon metal containers that are used to store cream. After all the onions and cabbage, etc., get thrown in there they boil it up over a fire or propane stove.