Thursday, September 02, 2004

My old pal, Jack Norton, has repackaged his vinyl 7" and called it: Roll On, Cowboy. If I recall correctly, he wrote it as a sort of response to my song "Roll Out, Cowboy." The artwork gives me pleasure.

And here are some singing horses.


Anonymous said...

You still have the same mailing address, right?

Anonymous said...

your song "Suspicious" will appear on Dance O' Dance this Friday (Sept 3rd) between 8 & 9 pm... along with a Blandow C track from the website and bunch of others... p.s. did you know we played "people are sexy" last month? and "rock star lover from xanadu" the month before... i gotta give somebody else a chance sometime, but you're on a roll, cowboy!
let's get together sometime... feel like babysitting?
Justin B. Wright
p.s. I could use a few tracks for the Dance O' Dance archive project... songs from the first few years I don't have on cd/ mp3 format> "loner records" & "bread & roses", have you got those in digital format???

Chris Sand said...

#1- yup, i have the same address.

#2- justin, "loner records" and "bread and roses" on digital format. call me- 789-7684. thanks for playing all sandman, all the time on d'o'd.

p.s. how much do you pay your babysitters?