Thursday, April 01, 2004

I just bought a leather visor and belt at a yard sale on the Evergreen campus. The visor says "Montana: Big Sky Country". I miss you Miss Montana. The belt is old and thin and about to tear, but looks good for now. I also bought some athlete's foot spray.

Today is sunny. The show in Seattle went well last night; I sold four cds and made $15. Better news, though, is that I've joined a low-income credit union and they approved my loan-request for $1000! Now I can pay the last month of rent and most of next month's. I can front Andras some money for the booking work he's been doing for me. And I can send the $375 that's due in five days to the Minneapolis Fringe Fest. In related news, Shawn and Jonah (from Log Hog) have agreed to join me for the five performances of A Year in the Life of Slippery Goodstuff in Minneapolis and pay for half the costs. Shawn (aka "Zardoz" or "Nerviz") produced the tracks for it and will act as "hype-man" for me, i.e. back me up while I rap-- and hype the crowd. Jonah (aka "Blandow") will dee jay: a true hip hopera in the heartland. I'm thrilled!!!

Now if I can get Cindy and Sarah and Susan and Anna and Jen and Khaela involved it will be ON. Full effect. No doubt. Raptacular. Hot... and soooooooooo Slippery.

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