Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Election Songs

Thank God the election is over. At least I think it's over. There's got to be some sort of balance of power in the US Government, no?

I released a flurry of anti-DT videos in the final days and weeks before Election Day. The first one was written minutes after finding out that the President and First Lady had come down with Covid-19 via Trump's political advisor Hope Hicks. The premise of this rap is that given Don John's history of mendaciousness, true things about him--like catching rona, for instance--seem, at first, unbelievable. 

The second joint, "20 for 2020," was penned shortly after "Hope Hicks." It's a litany of some of the things which have most troubled me about our Hypnotist-in-Chief over the course of his political career. In less than three days, this acoustic rap was shared 64 times on Facebook and received over 3,000 listens. 

I wrote "Donald Duck" in 2016 when it became apparent that we'd officially elected a quacky, quirky caricature of a cracked Ray Croc for POTUS. Shawn Parke produced the beats and made an animated video from found-footage for it. I posted this demented children's-song-for-adults vid on Election's Day eve.

And finally, after the election was called, I dropped this next video: "Death Lulz." It's an 8-minute meditation on death and defeat. Even though the Biden/Harris ticket won, which I was happy about of course, I still felt like Trump got 72,000,000 more votes than he deserved. I also had misgivings about the Democrats failure to take the US Senate. And the SCOTUS situation. And Montana dropping the ball. Plus, Biden was never my first choice. Nevertheless, I'm starting to feel re-energized. Maybe kinder, wiser days are on the horizon? I pray this is true.