Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello from sunny, warm Maine.

Big show tonight:

Biddeford, ME, @ Hogfarm Studios. w/ Senayit Tomlinson & Nima Samimi. 8 p.m. $10.

Here's some press for tonight's show!

Tour's goin' swell. Stayed with Senayit and her family in New Hampshire for a couple nights. Rocked Langford Street Cafe in beautiful Montpelier, VT, two nights ago. Enjoyed a midday coffee house gig organized by Daniel Hales in Greenfield, MA, on Valentine's Day. Stayed at friends Dan and Beth's cottage last night here in Maine.

My new CD, Chemicals in the Wheat, finally made it to the manufacturer. In two or three weeks I'll have a thousand copies.


Evoking Images said...

Save some copies for your fans out in Bisbee!

Anonymous said...

Is there a link to your video documentary? What happened to the CD "Nervous" was producing?
Anxious in OLY....

Chris Sand said...

Will do Charlene!

AiO: I will unveil the link to the video documentary website in just a couple days. As for the CD Nervous produced, it is called Chemicals in the Wheat. It took a few months longer to be completed than originally intended. It's at the manufacturer now. I'm selling a bootlegged version at shows until I get the official copies in a couple weeks.